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TEOL1610: Introduction to Contemporary Mission Studies

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Person responsible for the course:Marion Grau (
Credit points (ECTS):10
Start of studies:Autumn
Study programme:Bachelor's degree programme - Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor's degree programme - Bachelor in Theology, Religion and Society
Department:Department of Theology and Ministry
Examination support material permitted:List F 2

Examination dates/written assignment deadlines

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1 Final deadline to withdraw from examination

Examination typeDate / DeadlineWithdrawal deadline 1
Written school exam2021-12-02 2. Dec 20212021-11-01 1. Nov 2021
Start time:09:00
Duration:4 hours
Release date for results:22. Dec 2021

General information

This course will introduce the students to the major issues in the study of the church in mission in the contemporary world. It will provide an understanding of the religious, social, cultural, and contextual challenges facing the worldwide church, with a special emphasis on the situation in the global south.

Course requirements

The requirements for receiving a final assessment are:
  • Attend 60% of the lectures 
  • Submit and have approve at least 8 reading responses submitted in advance of the class session via Canvas
  • Participate in the electronic evaluation of the course if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term.
When course requirements are not fulfilled, this will count as one examination attempt, unless the student withdraws before the set deadline (1 May/November).

Final assessment

The final assessment for this course is based on one written exam (4 hours). The course and final exam will be graded A-F.

Course objective and content

The student has:
  • good knowledge of the main issues in contemporary missiology (theological basis for mission; missional church; contextualization; the church's encounter with world religions; and social and political issues)
  • knowledge of the worldwide church with an emphasis on the global south
  • knowledge of mission in the Bible
  • knowledge of the relationship between mission and globalization
The student can:
  • discuss the concept of Christian mission
  • evaluate different views and practices of mission
  • relate open and critical to various expression of global Christianity


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