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Do you wish to let us know about something wrong at MF? Students can send us an anonymous message here.

Other ways to let us know:

Let us know can be used to report large and small problems with the learning environment at MF. By letting us know, you give us the opportunity to improve your own and others' daily studies. It is also possible to give positive feedback.

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All feedback will be read by MF's quality control officer, who will pass on the message to the appropriate leader/unit for further action.
Thank you for letting us know!

It is possible to submit the form anonymously. There are limitations to what MF can do with anonymous reports of extremely grievous circumstances. We, therefore, ask that you report such cases using your full name so that we can contact you in order to make thorough inquiries. You can be assured that we will not pass your name along without having spoken with you first. 

We recommend that you do not send sensitive information through this form. Instead, ask for an appointment where you can give more details.