Get involved!

Get Involved!

Get involved to influence your own and others' student life!

There are many ways of getting involved in the Student Democracy, from being a representative member for a certain study area to being a candidate in the Norwegian student organization.   You will find more information about the variety of ways you can get involved below:

Course Representative

Each semester MF offers courses within the following areas: Theology and History, Religion and Social Studies, Religion and Pedagogics. Each of these areas has a representative member; and within these areas each course has a  Course Representative, who has to be a student in the respective course, and put together information about course literature, assignments, and exams.  

Each semester the Student Council works to have one Course Representative for as many courses as it is possible. A Course Representative is a student, and his/her role is to care for the rest of the students in regards to that course. It is not always easy to contact a teacher to complain, to ask questions, or to provide additional feedback. The Course Representative is also a resource for the representative member in the respective area; it is nice to have one student so that the representative member may get suggestions and contributions from the students for a certain course.

A Course Representative can also be a contact person for the Student Council. Through the Course Representatives the Student Council has contact with the students at a deeper level and in as many subjects as it is possible.

A Course Representative is, therefore,;an intermediary. On the one hand, he/she is an intermediary between the students and the representative member/teacher; on the other hand, they are an intermediary between the students and the Student Council.

Different positions in the Student Council

Are you wondering the different position in the Student Council are and what are they all about? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get a short introduction of the different positions:

Leads the work of the Student Council and is part of the general board at MF. The Leader is responsible for preparing the Student Council meetings, helping with the inquiries of all students, leading the members of the council, and is also responsible for information and promotion of the work performed by the Student Council, and is responsible for the General Assembly.

Deputy Leader/Academically Responsible
Deputy Leader acts as the Leader in his/her absence.
The academic director coordinates the work with the representative member, has responsibility for the academic arrangements as well as the evaluation of subjects. The Academically responsible also has the responsibility for the Course Representatives’ nomination.

Politically Responsible
Coordinates the student political work of the Student Council. He/she is responsible to contact The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO), The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO) and The Welfare Council​ (VT).

Environmentally Responsible
Coordinates the environmental work of the Student Council. Is the main person responsible for the Student Council's allocation of funding, contact with the Cafeteria, and ensuring that all events at MF are performed under a good social environment.

Member for Theology and History
Represents the students from Theology and History and is also part in the council for the department of Theology and History.

Member for Religion and Social Studies
Represents the students from Religion and Social Studies area and is also part in the council for the department of Religion and Social Studies.

Member for Religion and Pedagogics
Represents the students from Religion and Pedagogics area and is also part in the council for the department of Religion and Pedagogics.

In additional to these duties, there is also an exchange of miscellaneous tasks between the Student Council members.

The Election Committee

Would you or someone you know could like to run for a position in the Student Council? Then the election committee would very much like to talk to you! The nomination committee has been appointed by the General Assembly and is always looking for candidates for the Student Council elections.

There are elections every semester; In the autumn, the positions available for elections are Deputy Leader/Academically Responsible, Environmentally responsible, Member for Religion and Social Studies and Member for Religion and Pedagogics, while in the spring these are available: Leader, Politically Responsible, Internationally Responsible and Member for Theology and History.