• Research

    Coinciding with the launch of the new website for MF is the publication of the website of DEChriM, ‘Deconstructing Early Christian Metanarratives’, the ERC project directed by Professor Victor Ghica. As well as being a platform for the centralisation of news and information related to the DEChriM project, the primary purpose of the website is to host two databases – 4CARE, the ‘Fourth Century Archaeological Record of Egypt’, and SKOS, the ‘South Kharga Oasis Survey’. 

  • Seminar

    Master students are kindly invited to participate in the seminar that will address individual thesis writing problems. We offer you an "instant-coaching" event, good company and comfort food.     

  • Collage with portrait of Ute Hüsken and picture from a ritual in a Hindu temple.

    The relationship between religious texts and lived religion is central to Ute Hüsken's research. In her next planned project, she will open up new opportunities for research in this intersection.

  • Information

    From 25 September, we move to an everyday life with high alert. This means that the distance requirement no longer applies. We still encourage everyone to have clean hands and stay home in case of illness.

    Updated 29 September 2021