• Seminar

    Vi får besøk av anerkjente forskere innenfor teologi og traumer på MF 11. og 14. oktober  2019.

  • Sturla Stålsett

    – Diaconia research should not be first and foremost understood as research on diaconia. Rather, we should view it as diaconal action in itself, says professor Sturla Stålsett. 

  • Roar G. Fotland about Norwegian Missionaries in Zimbabwe

    – Norwegian missionaries in Zimbabwe brought with them many positive things. But some missionaries had unmistakable racist attitudes, says Roar G. Fotland. 

  • Leader of MF CASR - Iselin Frydenlund

    "We are beginning to attract attention within international research contexts, and we are aware of great interest in several of the centre's projects," says CASR director Iselin Frydenlund.