Written school exams

Information about written exams and the exam browser FLOWlock

MF plans to arrange written school exams in certain courses in May and June on the prerequisite that the Covid-19 infection situation allows it. Alternative exam forms will be used if the situation does not allow for written school exam. MF will make this decision based on advice from the Ministry of Education and Research, and infection control instructions from Norwegian Institute of public health (FHI).

Infection prevention:
MF takes the necessary measures to make it safe for you to sit for exams. Read more in the information box below.

Digital school exam:

Written school exams at MF are "Bring Your Own Device"-exams. This means you have to bring your own device for the exam (PC or Mac). See "mandatory preparations" below).

Exam dates can be found on StudentWeb and in the course catalogue. A list of all exam dates is available here.

Mandatory preparations ahead of digital school exams

Installation and demo flow

Log in to the exam platform WISEflow. From there you can install FLOWlock, an exam browser used to write your exam answers on school exams. You must make sure that FLOWlock works on your device well ahead of the exam. You can do this by running a demo of FLOWlock. You are ready for the day of the exam if you have successfully run a demo flow. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the different FLOWlock features as well. A preview of the exam browser is available here. More information is available here.

A guide for installing FLOWlock and for running a demo exam is available here. A slighty more detailed guide is available here. Note that you must update FLOWlock to the latest version ahead of every exam period.

FLOWlock only runs of certain operating systems for PC and Mac. Linux and Android (Chromebooks) are NOT supported. Most tablets are NOT supported. More information on system requirements is available here. If you are able to install the exam browser and run a demo exam, your operating system is supported. Your device should however not be older than five years.

If you do not have a PC or a Mac, you need to borrow one yourself. It is not possible to borrow a device from MF.

Issues installing/starting flow? You may contact IT-support in the library (10-17) or send an email to it@mf.no. Do not wait until the day of the exam!

FLOWlock is only used on written school exams. You do not need FLOWlock for home exams or for essay submissions. Course requirement submissions including in-class tests, are usually carried out in Canvas.


MF user account

In order to log in to WISEflow, you need to activate your user account first. More information is available here.


Access to wireless network (eduroam)

On the day of the exam you need access to the wireless network at MF. The wireless network is called eduroam.

The username for eduroam is the same as for your MF user account, but with @mf.no attached on, for instance: bobama@mf.no. The password is your regular MF password that you use to log on to Feide, Canvas etc. We strongly recommend that you make sure that you have access to the wireless network ahead of the day of the exam.

More information is available here.

FAQ for digital school exams (Frequently asked questions)

Equipment and login

Do I have to bring my own laptop?

- Yes, you need to bring your own laptop, or borrow/rent one for the exam.

What type of laptop can I use?

- FLOWlock only supports certain operating systems for PC and Mac. Linux and Android (Chromebooks) are NOT supported. Most tablets are NOT supported. More information on system requirements is available here. If you are able to install the exam browser, your operating system is supported.

Which preparations do I have to do ahead of a digital school exam?

- See “Mandatory preparations ahead of digital school exams”.

What is WISEflow and what is FLOWlock?

- WISEflow is MF’s exam platform. In order to submit an exam paper, you have to log on to WISEflow, regardless of exam form.

FLOWlock is a software (exam browser) used on digital school exams. It must be installed on your device ahead of the exam. When FLOWlock is running, it will temporarily lock down your device, restricting access to internet, notes etc.

How do I log on to the exam platform (WISEflow)?

- You can log on with FEIDE-password (regular MF username and password) here.

I can’t remember my FEIDE-password.

- Send an e-mail to student@mf.no well ahead of the exam. On the exam day contact the student administration at MF, third floor.

Can I test the exam browser FLOWlock before the exam?

- Yes, by running a demo exam of FLOWlock. The demo exam is available in WISEflow, from the same place where you download FLOWlock. See “Mandatory preparations ahead of digital school exams”.

What happens if my device does not work on the day of the exam. Will I not be able to take the exam?

- If you have brought a device that is in obviously bad shape, you will not be able to take the exam. If you have brought a device you had good reason to believe would work, you will be able to take the exam, but you may have to write your exam answer on paper. MF has a few back-up PCs available, but there may not be enough to go around.

Is it possible to submit a digital exam with pen and paper instead of on a laptop?

- No. If you meet for the exam without a device or with a device in obviously bad shape, you will not be able to take the exam. You can apply to write on paper as an exam accommodation if you have documented need for this.

Are there other equipment requirements or restrictions?

- Yes. You cannot use wireless equipment (mouse, keyboard etc.). You must remember to bring a power cable for your device. If you are easily interrupted by keyboard noises, you may want to consider bringing traditional earplugs (not the kind that plays sound).

I do not own a PC or a Mac – What should I do?

You need to either buy, borrow or rent one. If you decide to borrow one, make sure it is in decent shape. It should not be older than five years and must meet system requirements.


During the exam:

Will the exam question paper be handed out on paper or digitally?

- The exam question paper will be available both digitally and on paper.

Can I use spell check when writing my exam answer?

- Yes, the exam browser FLOWlock features spell check.

Will my exam answer be saved automatically?

- Yes, your exam answer is automatically saved every ten seconds, as long as you are connected to the internet.

What happens if I lose internet connection during the exam?

- If you lose internet connection during the exam, you will be given a notification on screen. Until internet access is restored, you are responsible for saving the paper locally on your device.

Will scratch paper be available during the exam?

- Yes, scratch paper will be available. If you intend to use scratch paper, remember to bring a pen.

Will I receive a copy of my exam answer?

- Yes, your exam answer will be available in WISEflow. You can log in to WISEflow at any time if you wish to see/download it.

Do I have to write my candidate number in my exam answer?

- No, you will automatically be identified by the system.

Is my paper anonymous to the assessors?

- Yes, the assessors will only be able to see your candidate number. The paper should be anonymous. Do not write your name or anything that can identify you in your exam answer.

Do I need to bring a device if I intend to withdraw during the exam?

- Yes, in order for the withdrawal to be registered properly, you must bring a device, log in to WISEflow and choose to “hand in blank”.



I have been granted extra time for the exam – is there anything in particular I need to do?

- No, you do not need to do anything in particular. If you have been granted extra time, the extra time will be registered in the system ahead of the exam.

I have been granted accommodation to use Lingdys etc. Is Lingdys available in WISEflow?

- No, Lingdys is not compatible with FLOWlock. You will instead be writing your exam answer in Word. A PC will be prepared for you in the examination room, so you do not need to bring your own device.

Reminders for digital school exams

  • Find out where the exam takes place. The exam location is published on the front page of StudentWeb no later than 3 days before the exam (search the information column for room numbers or room names, like "417" or "GYM"). On the day of the exam an overview will be available in the reception area.
  • You must meet at the right location at the latest 30 minutes before the exam begins. Set up your equipment and log in immediately upon arrival. You should be logged into FLOWlock 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start. Phones, watches, bags, and outerwear must be placed at a specified place. During the exam, there should be silence in the examination room.
  • You need to bring a PC/Mac as well as a power supply cable. The device should not be older than five years and must meet certain system requirements (see "mandatory preparations"). You must also bring valid ID (e.g. a student card or a credit card with a picture).
  • Bring food and drink. Consider bringing a pen if you intend to use scratch paper.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the FLOWlock-browser installed (see "mandatory preparations").
  • Candidates who arrive within half an hour after the examination has begun, may contact the responsible exam invigilator (inspector) in order to be accepted into the room, and may be allowed to take the exam. If more than half an hour has passed, the candidate must apply to an examination officer (Dept. of Academic Affairs), who decides whether the candidate can take the exam. If the candidate is given access to the exam, no additional time will be granted to compensate for the late arrival.
  • The use of examination support material is permitted on some written exams. More information below.

Support material

The use of examination support material is permitted on some written exams. Please confer the top of the course description to see if this applies to your exam.

Confer the overview of allowed support material to see if you need to bring support material yourself. In courses where Bibles are allowed, New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) bibles will be available at the exam location. Remember to bring your library card if you need to borrow support material from the library.

An inspector will check all support materials before the exam. Underlinings in the support material are allowed, but not written notes. If you have illegal aids at your disposal after the exam has started, it will be treated as an attempt at cheating.

If you take a course in Norwegian and have a native language other than Norwegian, you can apply for the use of a dictionary and Bible in your language. More information on facilitation and application deadlines are found here

See the overview of allowed support material (pdf) for more information. List F, F2 and F3 deal with courses taught in English.

Illness and Infection prevention measures

Guidelines in effect for infection prevention and control at MF in general is available here. Below you can find information directly related to exams. This information may change if the infection situation changes.


Who can meet for the exam?

You can not meet for the exam if:

- You have a confirmed covid-19 infection. If so, you must be in isolation.

- You are a close contact/live with someone with a confirmed covid-19 infection. If so, you must be in quarantine.

- You have symptoms similar to symptoms for covid-19 or respiratory tract infection. This is also the case if you only have mild symptoms as long as the symptoms are accompanied by a feeling of illness.

If one of these points apply to you, you must submit a self-notification form explaining your absence instead of meeting for the exam. This will give you the option to register for the deferred exam in January. The self-notification form for absence on exams is available here.


You can meet for the exam if:

- You have had a respiratory tract infection, but have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

- A person you live with have symptoms for respiratory tract infection, but not confirmed covid-19. If you experience symptoms during the exam, you must however go home.

- You experience some discomforts that occurs regularly during autum/winter and these symptoms are not accompanied by å feeling of illness. One example is sore mucuous membranes, which again can cause sneezing or a runny nose when coming in from the cold. As long as this is not accompanied by a feeling of illness, it is not a symptom of respiratory tract infection. But be avare of any other symptoms if this applies to you. More information on symptoms are available at helsenorge.no.

- You have respiratory problems due to allergies. Please inform the examination invigilators upon arrival about this.

- You have been infected by covid-19 illness, but are now healthy, and a doctor has lifted your isolation requirement.


If you first experience symptoms during the exam, you should contact an exam invigilator and ask for a conversation in the hallway outside of the examination room. If this is the case you must withdraw from the exam and then submit a self-notification form.


If you or someone you live with is in a high risk group, you can apply for an exam accommodation. See Exam accommodations for more information.


Infection prevention measures


Desks are placed in a way that makes it possible to uphold one meter distance between students, and between students, examination invigilators and MF employees.

In some cases you may have to go out into the hallway if you have questions for the invigilator or MF employees, since it can be difficult to hear each other at a distance of one meter when speaking in a low voice.

Hand disinfectant

Hand disinfectant is placed by the entrance of the examination rooms, inside the rooms and in the restrooms. Students and invigilators must use hand disinfectant upon arrival, after washing their hands in the restroom, when they leave, and otherwise when needed. You can bring your own hand disinfectant and keep it on your desk if you wish.

Face masks

It is not mandatory for students, invigilators or employees to wear face masks or use disposable gloves, but the invigilators and employees may use it when needed. If you find it necessary, you may use a face mask during the exam. You must then bring your own face mask.


If you need help with your laptop, the IT-support will use disinfectant on their hands before they help you, and clean the keyboard with disinfectant when they are done. The IT-support will use hand disinfectant before helping the next student.

Desks, chairs, door handles and restrooms will be cleaned daily.


Contact the examination office by e-mail exam@mf.no if you have questions.