Exam submissions and home exams

Information about exam submissions like home exams, essays or portfolio exams, and information about the digital exam system WISEflow.

NB! The information on this page is only valid for exam submissions, not for course requirement submissions. Consult the course catalogue (and search for your course) if you are unsure of whether a submission is an exam or a course requirement.

General information

  • The exam dates and the submission deadlines are available on the front page of StudentWeb under «Upcoming events» as well as in the course catalogue.
  • Submission for essays and portfolio exams will open no later than three days before the deadline, at which the course will become visible in WISEflow. An e-mail will be sent when this happens.


You can log on to WISEflow at any time and submit a demo exam as many times as you like (see the user guide for more). We recommend recently updated versions of the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Regarding the submission

  • Note that it is only possible to submit PDF-files. A general guide on how to convert files to PDF is available here.
  • Your submission must be anonymous. Do not write your name anywhere, including in the file name.
  • We that you state your candidate number (in the introduction). You can find it on StudentWeb.
  • You will be asked to agree on an academic integrity commitment statement after you have uploaded your exam paper.
  • Note that MF is using a plagiarism checker. The examiners will receive a plagiarism report on your submission. It is therefore crucial that you refer to sources correctly, both in the running text and the bibliography. See the resources for academic writing below.
  • If you experience problems with submitting, contact the exam office before the deadline passes. If the deadline has passed, you should send an e-mail with the submission attached to exam@mf.no within five minutes. Note however that late submissions normally will be rejected. Do not contact teachers if you have technical problems.

General requirements for the submission

Use the font Times New Roman, spacing 1.5 and font size 12 (10 in footnotes), and otherwise normal margins and consistent use of headings. Your submission should also include information about:

  • Course code and semester (for instance "TEOL2725 Spring 2020")
  • Word count (excluding front page, table of contents and bibliography. Footnotes do count.)
  • Total page numbers on the cover page (and running page numbers in the footer)
  • Title/research question/the question for the assignment
  • Other information you may have been asked to supply, for example sub-discipline

We recommend using the template for exam submissions to ensure that these requirements are met.

Resources for academic writing