MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society

About MF

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society is a Specialized University in Oslo.

MF was founded in 1907 as an independent theological institution at university level and is Norway's largest provider of theological education and research.  MF has around 120 employees, 1300 bachelor and master students and about 50 ph.d. students.

Since 1967, MF has offered academic studies in Christianity and religion for use in school and society. As needs have arisen, MF has developed a broad portfolio of professional degrees for church and school. The religious demography of Norway has changed significantly. There is an increasing need and demand for knowledge and quality in research on, education in and communication about religion and society. MF meets this challenge through interdisciplinary research on religion and society, along with relevant bachelor, master and ph.d. degrees in theology, religion and society.

MF has two centers:

MF KOM – Center for Excellence in Research, Development and Communication for Church and Congregation. This center is an intermediary between scholars at MF and church workers who wish to utilize MF's competency in their own contexts.

MF Center for the Advanced Study of Religion (MF CASR) organizes the research on religion done at MF. It facilitates joint projects between MF and other institutions. MF CASR encompasses areas of research including study of religion, history of religion, philosophy of religion, texts and manuscript research, cultural and art history, along with sociology of religion.

Norwegian Philological Institute (PHI) is affiliated with and located at MF. The cooperation involves offering courses in classical languages connected with major world religions and cultures.

MF's areas of activity are education, research and communication