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TEOL5640: Kirke og teologi i sør

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Emneansvarlig:Marion Grau (
Studieprogramtilhørighet:2-årige masterprogrammer - Master i teologi
Avdelingstilhørighet:Avdeling for teologi og kirkelig utdanning
Tillatte hj.midler ved eksamen:Liste F 2


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EksamenstypeEksamens- / innleveringsdatoTrekkfrist
Hjemmeeksamen2021-06-17 17. juni 20212021-05-01 1. mai 2021
Utleveringsdato:14. juni 2021
Tidspunkt for utlevering:09:00
Innleveringsdato:17. juni 2021
Varighet:3 dager
Kunngjøringsdato:29. juni 2021
Hjemmeeksamen – Ny og utsatt - NB! Egne tilgangsregler.2021-08-13 13. aug. 20212021-08-01 1. aug. 2021
Utleveringsdato:10. aug. 2021
Tidspunkt for utlevering:09:00
Innleveringsdato:13. aug. 2021
Varighet:3 dager
Kunngjøringsdato: 3. sep. 2021

Generell informasjon

This course will discuss - in historical and contemporary perspectives - how different churches in a non-Western religious and cultural context have sought to express and contextualize the Christian faith by developing a theology and practice aimed at serving their own members as well as communicating the gospel to other people. The course will also give the student a general understanding of contextualisation.
Prerequisites: Introductory and intermediate courses in theology in a bachelor's degree are recommended prerequisites.

Overlappende emner

TEOL5640 Theology and Church in the South overlaps completely with the former course MV601 Theology and Church in the South and partly with the former course TEOL6621 Theology and Church in the South. Students who have already completed MV601 will receive 0 credit points (ECTS) for TEOL5640 on their transcript of records or diploma. Students who have already completed TEOL6621 will receive 5 credit points (ECTS) for TEOL5640 on their transcript of records or diploma. MF therefore recommends not to combine these courses.


In order to receive a final assessment, the student must:
  • The student is to hand in a book report of approximately 2000 words at a given deadline.
  • Participate in the electronic evaluation of the course if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term.
  • When course requirements are not fulfilled, this will count as one examination attempt, unless the student withdraws before the set deadline (1 May/November).

Avsluttende vurdering

For the spring semester of 2021 the final assessment in the course will be based on the following assessment form:
The final assessment for the course is based on a three days home exam (2500-3500 words). The course and final exam will be graded A-F.
This assessment form will also be used on new and deferred exams.
For other semesters than the spring semester of 2021, the following assessment form will be used:
The final assessment of TEOL5640 is based on one written examination (6 hours). The course is to be assessed with a grade (A-F).

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The student has:
  • a thorough knowledge of the characteristic features of the theology of the churches in the Global South as different from traditional Western theology
  • a good knowledge of the concept of contextualisation
  • a good knowledge of how churches in the South meet the diaconal and missiological tasks that confront them in a multi-religious and economically poor context
The student can:
  • Engage in the general issue of contextualisation of theology and praxis
  • Critically examine traditional Western theology
  • Independently discuss the new questions that are put on the theological and ecclesial agenda by the non-Western context of the church
  • Critically read and evaluate scholarly literature


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