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TEOL1812: Digital Media in Ministry and Mission: Blogging

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Emneansvarlig:Egil Sæbø (egil.sabo@nla.no)
Undervisningsstart:Vår (uregelmessig)
Studieprogramtilhørighet:Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i teologi
Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i religion og samfunn
Avdelingstilhørighet:Avdeling for teologi og kirkelig utdanning

Generell informasjon

Blogging is considered an effective tool for those engaged or wishing to engage in Christian ministry and mission. Students will be given an in depth introduction to the development of blogging, as well as how to set up and maintain a blog for a given purpose and audience. Through blog production, students will be introduced to the possibilities, opportunities as well as limitations and challenges of ministry blogging, with the possibilities in the choice of modalities, hyper textuality and other available technical solutions. Students will be exposed to varied and innovative ways of producing, developing and maintaining blogs, as well as how additional tools for communication purposes can be assimilated within their blogs. Students will address issues relating to legal frameworks and ethical standards applicable to blogging. Students will be taught through lectures, seminars and through being given practical training and tasks. Students are expected to work individually on their blog production. Students will also meet flipped classroom techniques, whereby theory is presented through instruction videos and followed up with related classroom activity.


The requirements for receiving a final assessment are:
  • Take part in a minimum of 50% of the lectures
  • Participate in the electronic evaluation of the course if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term.
  • When course requirements are not fulfilled, this will count as one examination attempt, unless the student withdraws before the set deadline (1 May/November).

Avsluttende vurdering

Students will produce two blog entries on a given topic and deliver a reflection paper concerning their blog, with the following weighting:
a) Blog (51 percent)
b) Reflection paper (49 percent)
In order to receive a final assessment, the student must fulfil the course requirements within the fixed deadline.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

On completion of the course the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes::
The student
  • has knowledge of the development of blogging within digital media
  • has knowledge of varied uses and forms of blogs
  • has knowledge of the elements and content of a blog
  • has knowledge of how blogs are used and can be used within the context of Ministry and Mission
  • has knowledge of ethical standards and legal frameworks that apply to blogging in Ministry and Mission contexts
The student
  • can create, develop and maintain a blog for a given purpose
  • can theoretically support their choices in designing and developing a blog
  • can critically reflect over the quality of their own and others¿ blogs
General competence:
The student
  • Can produce a blog adhering to ethical standards and legal frameworks
  • Can discuss central issues and challenges related to blogging
  • Understands innovation, development and current good practice in blogging


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