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TEOL1612: Worldviews in Media and Popular Culture: A Missiological Approach

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Emneansvarlig:Matthew Phillip Monger (Matthew.P.Monger@mf.no)
Studieprogramtilhørighet:Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i teologi

Generell informasjon

The modern world has become at marketplace of worldviews, which we also see reflected in media and popular culture. For relating and communicating to the modern world, there is a need to understand differences in our fundamental assumptions about reality, humanity and faith. In today's globalized world, media and popular culture are both reflecting and shaping cultures in powerful ways. Awareness of how media and popular culture communicate worldviews, including views of reality, humanity and values, is important for Christian ministry and mission.
The course will outline the challenge of media and popular culture to ministry and mission. The concept of worldview will be introduced and a selection of worldviews will be presented, with an emphasis on the modern Western context. On this basis, there will be an introduction to how media and popular culture communicate worldviews, with a focus on movies.


The requirements for receiving a final assessment are:
  • Submit a written assignment. The assignment will be assessed as approved/not approved. The assignment must be approved for the student to sit for the course exam. The assignment can be resubmitted once during the course if not approved the first time.
  • Take part in a minimum of 50% of the lectures
When course requirements are not fulfilled this will count as one examination attempt, unless you withdraw within the set deadline (1 May/ 1 November).

Avsluttende vurdering

The final assessment for this course is an 8 hour home exam (1200-2500 words). The exam is assessed with grades (A-F).
In order to receive a final assessment, the student must fulfil the course requirements within the fixed deadline. 

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

On completion of the course the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes:
The student:
  • has basic knowledge of contemporary secular and religious worldviews
  • understands how media and popular culture communicate worldviews, with a focus on movies
  • has insight into how media and popular culture provide challenges and opportunities for ministry and mission
The student:
  • can identify, compare and contrast different secular and religious worldviews
  • can identify traces of worldviews in media and popular culture
  • can engage with media and popular culture from a missiological perspective
General competence
The student:
  • has awareness of how worldviews are reflected in media and popular culture
  • understands the significance of media and popular culture for ministry and mission


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