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TEOL1592: Youth Ministry

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Emneansvarlig:Morten Holmqvist (Morten.Holmqvist@mf.no)
Undervisningsstart:Vår (uregelmessig)
Studieprogramtilhørighet:Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i teologi
Tillatte hj.midler ved eksamen:Liste F 2

Generell informasjon

The course gives an introduction to Youth Ministry. The course will have two main perspectives: Youth Ministry as an academic discipline within Practical Theology and as ministry within congregational work.
As a Practical Theological discipline, the course will focus on the different theological strands which have shaped much of the field of Youth Ministry. Furthermore, the course will present different ways of combining theological reflection with theories from the field of sociology, practice theory and cultural studies.
As a ministry within congregational work, the courses will use a narrative approach and a practice approach to how young people can be engage with the story of the gospel and the fellowship of the church.


The requirements for receiving a final assessment are:
  • Participate in a discussion group regarding your own background and possible experience with Youth Work and church tradition. See the syllabus for details.
  • Take part in a minimum of 50% of the lectures
  • Participate in the evaluation of the curriculum and/or of the learning environment, if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term.
When course requirements are not fulfilled this will count as one examination attempt, unless you withdraw within the set deadline (1 May/ 1 November).

Avsluttende vurdering

To gain credit for the course the student must fulfill all the requirements and pass the written exam (4 hrs). The exam is assessed with grades A-F.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The student has:
  • a good knowledge of Youth Ministry as a discipline within Practical theology.
  • knowledge of central debates concerning Youth Ministry, witnessing the gospel, discipleship and the church.
The student can:
  • use theoretical and empirical knowledge of Youth Ministry in discussions in a reflected and critical way
  • reflect theologically regarding youth work, youth culture and young people¿s participation in church
  • describe and identify narrative and practical approaches to youth ministry


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