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SAM2270: Sociology of Religion

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Emneansvarlig:Lars Kåre Grimsby (
Studieprogramtilhørighet:Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i teologi
Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor in Theology, Religion and Society
Avdelingstilhørighet:Avdeling for teologi og kirkelig utdanning
Tillatte hj.midler ved eksamen:Liste F 2
Forkunnskapskrav tilsvarende:SAM1210

Generell informasjon

This course presents a broad overview over classical and contemporary perspectives in the sociology of religion. It covers various processes of religious change in contemporary society, and addresses contentious issues such as secularization and secularism, and radicalization and fundamentalism. The course opens for discussions around the role of religion in a world of globalization, cultural diversity and religious pluralism. It raises critical questions about gender and sexuality in religion. The course also investigates post-colonial perspectives on religion.
Theoretical perspectives will be combined with current debates and research on religion. The lectures in this course provide a space for debate and deliberation around contentious issues concerning religion in global society. Discussing and thinking analytically about religious phenomena will strengthen the students’ ability to distinguish between insider and outsider perspectives on religion.
The course is a core subject in the study program Bachelor in Theology, Religion and Society. SAM1210 Introduction to the Social Sciences is a recommended qualification.


The student will:
  • submit and have approved an essay of 1200-1500 words on a subject covered in the course.
  • attend at least 60 percent of the lectures.
  • Participate in the electronic evaluation of the course if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term.
  • When course requirements are not fulfilled, this will count as one examination attempt, unless the student withdraws before the set deadline (1 May/November).

Avsluttende vurdering

The final evaluation is a 4-hour written exam. The exam is assessed with grades (A-F).
In order to receive a final assessment, the students must fulfill the course requirements within the set deadlines.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The student has:
  • a good knowledge of major trends in religious change in contemporary societies
  • a good knowledge of sociological concepts and theories used in studying religion
  • knowledge of classical sociological accounts of religion
  • knowledge of perspectives on religion and gender
  • knowledge of relations between religion and gender, ideology, globalization and conflict
The student can:
  • Use relevant concepts, theories and empirical knowledge in analysis of religion
  • Present a critical analysis of different theories in the sociology of religion
  • Write an analysis in the sociology of religion, following the basic rules of scientific inquiry
  • Think analytically about religious phenomena
  • The ability to distinguish between personal perspectives, and knowledge based on academic study


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