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RL1011: World Religions

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Emneansvarlig:Marthe Bogen (
Studieprogramtilhørighet:Bachelorprogrammer - Bachelor i teologi
Avdelingstilhørighet:Avdeling for teologi og kirkelig utdanning

Generell informasjon

This course provides an overview of the study of religion, and introduces the student to the diversity of religions and religious practices in the world. The course will consider both historical and contemporary issues related to different religions, and expects students to be able to discuss different perspectives on different religions from an academic perspective.


In order to receive a final assessment, the student must:
  • Attend at least 75% of the lectures
  • Have a draft of an academic essay approved, using correct references (see course syllabus for due date and topics)
  • Participate in the evaluation of the curriculum and/or of the learning environment, if such evaluation is stipulated in the relevant term

Avsluttende vurdering

To gain credit for the course the student must fulfill all the course requirements and submit a final, revised version of the essay they submitted for the course requirement. The essay makes up 100% of the final assessment, and is assessed with grades A-F.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The student has:
  • Good knowledge of the academic study of religion
  • Good knowledge of the practice of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism in the world today.
  • Knowledge of the historical development of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Knowledge of the diversity of world religions
The student can:
  • compare and discuss aspects of religion from an academic perspective.
  • use scholarly concepts and theories of religion to reflect upon his or her own practices and beliefs
The student can:
  • write a scholarly paper using relevant sources, which are referenced in a standardized way
  • argue in a clear, objective and convincing way

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