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PHD950: PhD thesis

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Emneansvarlig:Lars Johan Danbolt (
Undervisningsstart:Høst og vår

Generell informasjon

Three years (150 ECTS) is the nominal length of work for PHD950, which results in the PhD thesis. The thesis may consist of a single work or several shorter works. The aim of the seminars in this part is to strengthen the quality of the Candidate's research and to provide encouragement and correction Participation in research seminars where one's own and other Candidate's work are discussed, and discussions with an assigned supervisor are mandatory.
To submit the PhD thesis, the Candidate must have passed the required courses within the PhD program (30 ECTS).
PhD thesis research seminars are usually scheduled over two days, at the end of April and the beginning of December. Here, papers and PhD projects are discussed in a larger group of PhD students and professors, some of them from other universities. Every second or third year, the seminars are arranged as national PhD thesis research seminars with international lecturers and respondents.
The seminars consist of presentation and responses to papers: The student presents his/her own paper (ca. 15 pages), and two professors will act as main respondents. One fellow PhD student acts as co-respondent and the rest of the seminar group will participate and contribute to the discussion. Supervisor(s) are invited to be present, but should not act as main respondents to students that they are assigned to supervise.
There is no equivalation of credit points within PHD950. Presentation of one's own research and/or responses to other¿s work given at another university or university college may be fitted in, by the application.


The PhD student will
  • Present one's own written paper at four PhD research seminars. The paper should normally include a table of contents/plan for the thesis, and be introduced orally
  • Act as a respondent to three other papers
  • Take part in the evaluation of the seminar, if the seminar is subject to evaluation that term

Avsluttende vurdering

PHD950 is passed on the basis of the submitted and approved thesis, as well as an approved trial lecture and a successful public defence of the thesis.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The main objective of the PhD thesis research seminars is how to design and present a PhD thesis. The student will also learn to act as respondents and to take part and to contribute to the discussion in general. The research seminars focus on
  • the posing of the PhD research question(s) and its basis in the theory of research
  • strategy and design of the PhD project research
  • writing the introduction and conclusion chapters
  • the argumentation through the PhD project and PhD thesis, leading to its conclusions, including a description of the relationship between descriptive and normative evaluation
  • questions of research ethics

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