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PHD930: The Status of the discipline

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Emneansvarlig:Ingen faglærer, spør
Undervisningsstart:Høst og vår

Generell informasjon

PHD930 focuses on research positions and current frontiers, sources, central texts, methods and research history directly related to the Candidate's discipline(s) and topic. Several disciplines may be relevant for cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary projects. Courses taken in Research Schools will be credited as part of this course.
The course addresses general research questions and discussions of the discipline(s), its central sources, its working methods, its research positions, and its academic history. It also provides an understanding of how to disseminate your research and attend international conferences.
Each PhD student will have to follow the necessary amount of courses and activities during the PhD project period.


The student must:
  • Conduct dissemination in the discipline(s) at the academic level, by teaching or lecturing at least 4 hours. The lecturing/teaching must be given at university level.
  • Take part in the evaluation of the course, if there is such an evaluation.
  • Either: Attend two international conferences related to the PhD project or discipline (after admission to the PhD program). Or: Have an academic stay abroad of minimum three weeks.
  • Either: Complete minimum two courses from a relevant Research School or similar courses in the discipline. Or: Submit an independent essay or article of approx. 6000 words. This essay or article should be connected both to the research positions or challenges in the discipline(s) in question. The essay or article is to be approved by the PhD supervisor. If the work is published in an academic journal with referees, it is sufficient simply to pass on the bibliographical information.

Avsluttende vurdering

The final assessment for this course is based on the fulfillment of the course requirements. The course is graded 'passed'/'not passed'.

Læringsutbytte etter fullført emne

The course provides insight into challenges of the contemporary study of the discipline(s).
After completion of the course, the PhD student has:
  • knowledge of basic sources and text of the discipline(s)
  • adequate knowledge of the central issues of the theory of research and methodology within the discipline(s)
  • insight into the working processes of the discipline(s), contemporary research positions, areas of research, and history of research
  • ability to relate and apply these themes to his or her own PhD research and thesis.
The students will demonstrate the following skills:
  • good knowledge of the history of the discipline(s) and its research contexts, sources, basic texts, methods, and frontiers, so as to be able to situate one's own project within the current discussion and let it contribute there.

Merknad til litteraturlisten

The curriculum of approximately 800 pages can be sources or central readings/texts, or general literature in the disciplines.

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