paper ship on mediterranean map

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Online- MF CASR Lunch with Daniela Rapisarda

HermeNautical Theology
The Mediterranean Sea as a Hermeneutical Site for a Postcolonial Theology of Migration


26.05.2020 - 11:30 til 12:00

Mediterranean Hope is a humanitarian project conducted by the Protestant churches in Italy, focusing on issues of migration and radical hospitality. In the year 2015, in cooperation with the Catholic community of St. Egidio, the Italian Protestant churches launched a project called “humanitarian corridors." Through an agreement with the Ministries of Interior and of Foreign Affairs, over 2000 refugees, mainly from Syria, have reached Italy legally and safely. The costs of the operation are covered by the churches through tax revenues. The initiative has been adopted by other European countries and is under discussion at the level of European institutions. In addition, Mediterranean Hope established a permanent observation point on migration on the island of Lampedusa, between Tunisia and Sicily. In the frame of this research project, I look at what perspectives on migration are developed from the observation point of the Mediterranean, how the self-definition by the Protestant churches as “frontier community” requalifies the Mediterranean as “open border," and what theological elaborations support practices of radical hospitality by these minority religious communities.

Join us on Zoom for a live, virtual MF CASR Lunch. Everything will be the same, except that you must provide your own coffee and tea.