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MF CASR Tuesday Lunch w/ Torkel Brekke

This Tuesday Lunch will feature Torkel Brekke and his work with FINEX- Financial Exclusion, Islamic Finance and Housing in the Nordic Countries.


16.10.2018 - 11:30 til 12:00

In this Tuesday lunch, Torkel Brekke will discuss his ongoing research project FINEX - Financial Exclusion, Islamic Finance and Housing in the Nordic countries. Money and finance have been regarded as major moral problems in all the world religions. The research project FINEX is designed to find out to what extent Islamic norms about money and finance result in the exclusion of Muslims from the financial system in the four Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Such financial exclusion could have potential consequences for the economic integration and the wellbeing of a significant number of people. For instance, we believe that some Muslims may experience disadvantages in the housing market because they avoid bank loans. FINEX will combine several types of data and methods to explore this mechanism of exclusion and we will fill an important gap in the knowledge about the economic inclusion of migrants. You can read more about the project here.


This discussion will be in Norwegian.