Blowing the shofar at a conference on the Zambian governments

Photo Credit: Naomi Haynes, Lusaka, 2018

MF CASR Tuesday Lunch w/ Naomi Haynes

Taking Dominion in a Christian Nation:
North American Political Theology in an African Context


15.10.2019 - 11:30 til 12:00

As the only African country to make a state-sponsored declaration that it is a “Christian nation,” Zambia has, over the last thirty years, embarked on a unique experiment in religious nationalism. Drawing on short books written by Zambian church leaders, Haynes traces the evolving theological justification for Christian nationalism in Zambia. The this diverse political theology draws on a range of Christian traditions, including two prominent strains of North American “dominionism,” Christian reconstructionism and the New Apostolic Reformation. By exploring the application of a uniquely western theological tradition in a uniquely African context, this paper will speak to the political theological nexus in both parts of the world.

Dr Naomi Haynes is a lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include the Anthropology of Christianity, political economy, exchange, gender, hierarchy, and value. Her monograph, Moving by the Spirit, explores the social life of Pentecostal congregations on the Zambia Copperbelt, paying special attention to the opportunities and struggles associated with spiritual patronage. Haynes is currently carrying out research on Christian nationalism that brings together political philosophy, media studies, and ethnography to explore Zambia’s constitutional declaration that it is a “Christian nation.”