MF CASR Tuesday Lunch with Aike Rots


26.03.2019 - 11:30 til 12:00

Religion and climate change: "Whales of Power"

In this presentation, Aike Rots (IKOS, UiO) will introduce his new ERC-funded project "Whales of Power": Aquatic Mammals, Devotional Practices, and Environmental Change in Maritime East Asia. In various parts of the Asia-Pacific region, whales and dolphins are associated with divine power, and are (or were) the objects of ritual veneration. In particular, whale worship traditions have been preserved in coastal regions of Vietnam and Japan. Rots will give some examples of ritual traditions centred on cetaceans, and discuss their recent transformations.

Discussion and questions will be in English.

We'll prepare coffee and tea. You bring your "matpakke."