the book of enoch cover page

Photo Credit: Harvard University, Digitized by Google

MF CASR Lunch with Ted Erho

A Deceiving Legacy: Non-Indigenous Elements in the First Western Ethiopic Enoch Manuscripts


25.08.2020 - 11:30 til 12:00

In the 1770s, a Scotsman, James Bruce, returned from Ethiopia with copies of the Book of Enoch, fulfilling European hopes for the recovery of the work quoted in the Epistle of Jude and held to be authoritative by various early Church Fathers. However, Bruce's codices exhibit a number of unusual features that show how he sought to conform them to Western tastes and attitudes, abrogating Ethiopian scribal norms. This is especially evident in his efforts to disassociate the text from other Old Testament works and to re-title it. The latter aspect, in particular, continues to impact Western scholarship to the present day.


We are happy to announce that this MF CASR Lunch, and those coming this Fall semester, will take place in-person at the MF Library (2nd Floor, between Rows 5&6) in accordance with Norwegian Institute of Public Health guidelines and MF's own current protocols.  It will also be possible to participate virtually by Zoom Webinar.  If you are symptomatic, under quarantine, or at-risk, please join us that way for the time being.