MF CASR Lunch with Solvor Lauritzen

MEMOROBIA: Memorialisation of Romani Enslavement in Territories of Contemporary Romania


14.09.2021 - 11:30
Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen

This MF CASR lunch will be on Zoom only.  (Click here for the Zoom link.)

In this talk I will present our research project Memorobia, which will start in December 2021. The project will focus on memorialisation of the 500-year enslavement of Roma in territories of contemporary Romania from the 1300s to the 1850s. I will give a short introduction to this forgotten history, and introduce you to the unanswered questions in the Memorobia project, where we will focus on present-day consequences of slavery, historical justice and reparations, as well as how the history of Romani enslavement can best be integrated in education in Europe.

Alongside Solvor Lauritzen, the research will be carried out by Magda Matache, Delia Grigore, Jan Selling and a PhD-candidate.