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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

MF CASR Lunch with Kasper Bro Larsen

The Programmatic Scenes in New Testament Gospels and Ancient Biographies


09.02.2021 - 11:30 til 12:00

This talk will introduce a new monograph project on an important but understudied element in ancient biographies and gospels: the programmatic scene. The programmatic scene is the main character's first public appearance: for example Alexander's first military campaign, Moses' first address to the Israelites, or Jesus' first programmatic public appearances in the gospels. The programmatic scene functions as main interpretive key to the work in which it appears. Early New Testament manuscripts provide an additional twist to this claim since paratextual features may indicate that even ancient readers of the gospels attached special significance to the programmatic scenes.

Kapser Bro Larsen is a Professor of New Testament Studies at Aarhus University.