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Photo Credit: Pixabay

MF CASR Lunch with Greg Reichberg

Warring with Machines: Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence and the Relevance of Virtue Ethics


01.09.2020 - 11:30 til 12:00

In this talk, Greg Reichberg presents a new 4 year project, funded by the SAMKUL program of the Research Council of Norway, on the use of artificial intelligence in the context of warfare. This project aims to provide an ethical framework for the design and implementation of AI-based military technologies. The project takes as its primary referent the people – military personnel at varying levels of the command structure – who serve in combat settings with these machines. How to maintain clear lines of human responsibility is a central focus of the project. More clarity on this issue has the potential to change ethical instruction within military training and educational institutions. It also has the potential to change the way military technology contractors design their AI-based technologies, promoting a better fit between ethical guidelines and the battlefield situations military personnel will likely face in the future. The project aims to yield a set of moral precepts guiding the use of AI-technology within three settings: kinetic combat operations, cyber operations, and strategic planning. These precepts will serve as conceptual pillars for formulating policies bearing on the design and use of AI-related weapons systems. The project's research questions are approached within a theoretical framework broadly aligned with virtue ethics.

We would love for this event to be in-person, but that is yet to be determined. Please check back in closer to the actual date for details.