Photo Credit: Pixabay

MF CASR Lunch with Eviane Leidig

TradLife, TradWife: Women of the Alt-Right


15.09.2020 - 11:30 til 12:00

This talk is based on a book manuscript titled above, which looks at the world of female alt-right influencers on social media. The book looks at how these tech savvy women use mainstream social media platforms YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, in order to build audiences and recruit followers. At the core of their message is modelling a ’tradwife’ (or traditional wife) lifestyle centered on issues of dating, relationships, marriage, and family life. These female alt-right influencers help create the image of a community based on friendship and adventure, which spans a global alt-right network.

We would love for this event to be in-person, but that is yet to be determined. Please check back in closer to the actual date for details.