Photo Credit: Dana Ryan Lande

MF CASR Lunch with Dana Ryan Lande

Media History, Narrative Unreliability, and the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Ethics of Provenance (Under-)Reporting


08.12.2020 - 11:30 til 12:00

Due to new COVID-19 restrictions, it will only be possible to attend this MF CASR lunch virtually.  Please grab your lunch, a cup of coffee, and join us on Zoom.

Lande's current project utilizes narrative inquiry and ethical analysis to explore how the media – large online news sources accessed by both scholars and non-scholars alike – has addressed issues of provenance in reporting on The Dead Sea Scrolls. National Geographic’s revelation made in March 2020 concerning forged ‘Dead Sea Scroll-like’ fragments purchased by the Museum of the Bible is one of the most recent examples in a long media history of ethical consequences facilitated by the absence of provenance narratives.
Lande's current work in progress first identifies and then highlights the consequences of unreliable and deficient media reports, while demonstrating the impact of narrative practices which fail to disseminate the full story of an object's provenance.