Ecclesiological Perspectives in a Nordic Context

Welcome to a network and PhD-course in Practical Theology at MF!


01.11.2016 - 10:30 til 02.11.2016 - 16:00
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1030-1040      Welcome & presentation

1040-1200      The Folk Church Concept - Ecclesiological Perspectives
                       Harald Hegstad, Oslo.
                       Response: Stephan Borgehammar, Lund

1200-1245      Lunch (can be bought in MFs canteen)

1245-1345      Ecclesiology and Diaconia from the Margins (diaconia)
Marianne Rodriguez Nygaard

1400-1500      Ecclesiology and Ritualization (pastoral care)
Hans Stifoss-Hanssen

1515-1615      PhD-papers – in two or more smaller groups

If people would like to go to dinner together at a restaurant in the evening, that can easily be agreed.    



0830-0930      The Gravitational Pull of the Church
                        Pete Ward

0945-1045      PhD-papers – in two or more smaller groups

1100-1200      Ecclesiology and Empirical Research – Methodological Perspectives
                       Tone Stangeland Kaufman

1200-1245      Lunch (can be bought in MFs canteen)

1245-1345      PhD-papers – in two or more smaller groups

1400-1500      A Queer Perspective on Nordic Ecclesiology (gender studies)
                       Discussion based on an article to be read.
                       Ninna Edgardh

1515-1600      Summing up the learning processes from the network-course
                       Concluding panel and review. Dates and venue next fall.


Application for attendance
Within 15 August to and  

PhD-students should here indicate whether they will present a short reflection on the challenges of their project for the time being or a part from the text of their project –as described in the following:


On the papers for this course

All the PhD-students should do one of the following:

Primarily to write a short reflection (a few pages) on what they find to be their greatest challenge in their work at the moment. With this as a point of departure for each project, the conversations in the groups can be very helpful to everybody involved.

If desired and needed instead, one may present a text from the ongoing PhD-thesis for responses and discussion, as in a normal PhD thesis seminar. The text should not be longer than approximately 15 pages, and may be taken from any part of the thesis. Please append also the table of contents for the thesis, so it becomes clear which part the text comes from, and where it belongs in the total picture. If you write an article based thesis, please indicate instead the topics of all articles planned to go into it, as well as attach the preliminary table of contents for the introduction (the “mantle” or “kappen”).

Deadline for the papers will be 15. October 2016.
Papers should be mailed to

The groups will be arranged immediately after that date.