Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Photo Credit: Hilde Arnesen

Religion and Politics Festival 2019: A Major Success

This year's Religion and Politics festival exceeded all expectations.  Here are some of the highlights.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (pictured above), Northwestern University, USA, delivered the Annual Lecture on “Religion on the Border: The Politics of the ‘Muslim Ban’ and the Limits of Law."

James Crossley, St. Mary's University, London, gave an excellent lecture on the “Use of Bible and Christian Theology in Contemporary Politics."

The entire day was very well attended, with over 100 people turning out on a Friday afternoon.

The time between lectures was well spent with colleagues from different institutions and disciplines meeting together, sharing ideas, and even enjoying some live music together.

The festival served as an effective point of connection with the media, with three op-eds being published in national newspapers before the festival.  Additionally, NRK conducted interviews with many of the contributors, which they are airing as a six part radio series, also in podcast form.  You can learn more about that here.

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, attended, and made this year's festival possible.