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Master of Religion in Contemporary Society

Welcome as a student at MF!


Lars Laird Iversen
Programme leader
Tel: (+47) 22 59 06 52

Berit Widerøe Hillestad
Student adviser
Tel: (+47) 22 59 05 95

I am very excited to welcome you to our new master program here at MF. We have worked hard to put together relevant, high-quality courses for you. We will prepare you for work and life dealing with the complex and exciting issues that religion brings to contemporary public life.

As the first cohort, you will have the opportunity to be a part of shaping what this program will be, this year and in the future. We are looking forward to creating this education with you.

The semester starts on Monday 12th of August 2019 at 10.00. I would urge you to participate. One thing is the practical information that you will need to successfully get started as a masters student here at MF. This is the easiest way of getting all this information. However, it is also important to meet and get to know your fellow students.

On the 6th of September, MF Centre for the Advanced Study of Religion is arranging a full seminar day on the topic “Religion and politics”. We have international star academics speaking and a full day of great discussions and lectures. I highly recommend you set aside this day!

The student group is the key factor for success – it will be the source of the social life and academic vibrancy of your time as a student. Take advantage of this, and we encourage you to be an active and involved student. The variety and diversity of students is a great strength. Whatever your background, religious identification, national, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, your input is needed!

If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch with either me, or Berit, our student advisor.

Best regards,
Lars Laird Iversen