Linda Woodhead, æresdoktor MF

Linda Woodhead

Denne teksten ble brukt for å presenterte Linda Woodhead (f. 1964) da hun ble kreert æresdoktor ved MF i 2017. 

Linda Woodhead (1964) is Professor of Sociology of Religion and director of the Institute of Social Futures in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University.

She was the director of the Religion and Society Research Programme (2007-12), a £12 mill international research initiative, funded by AHRC/ESRC.

Linda Woodhead employs a wide range of methods, ranging from population surveys to immersive fieldwork. The bulk of her work has been on the decline of the churches in the West, and the rise of alternative forms of spirituality and ‘no religion’. She has been awarded many honours, and has been visiting professor in many universities worldwide. 

Linda Woodhead is an excellent lecturer and supervisor, as well as communicator, taking regularly part on radio and TV discussions of religion and culture.

Selected works:

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