International training courses - STRAPAC

We are looking for Norwegian participants to the international training courses in Parma, Italy 8-14 October 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria 18-24 November 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece June 2019 and Craiova November 2019. 

The criteria for the selection of the participants who will attend the blended mobilities:

  • Knowledge in English is an advantage
  • The participants (direct/indirect beneficiaries) should be members of religious communities from rural/poor areas that often deal with social problems of their communities and encounter everyday problems of people with fewer opportunities.
    • The participants should be people in congregations from Lutheran Church, Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, Pentecostal church, Muslim communities and many more.
    • Some of the participants should be people working with special target groups, as disabled people, refugees, Roma people and other marginalized groups. 
    • Religious leaders or priests, deacons, monks, people working for Church's administration or active members of religious communities or parishes, like i.e. people working for Caritas etc. will be considered.
    • The selection will not exclude also people who are professionally engaged with the religious teaching.
    • Not only Church community will be involved, but also Orthodox, Evangelic and Muslim groups will take part in the project where migrants and people at risk of exclusion are mainly represented.
  • Their professional experience/education is relevant to the above described criteria or their work is related to religious fields.

Please contact Karoline Oftedal, if you have any questions. 

Are you interested in participating? Please fill in the following application form: