Call for papers

A large number of studies in practical theology examine or explore various practices. We welcome papers that report from- or reflect on research related to the conference theme through various theoretical, methodological, and empirical approaches, including:

  • papers that explore and discuss various traditions of- and approaches to practice theory, and how such theories are used in practical theological research and work
  • the production of theological knowledge in empirical studies in theology, including practical theology as a normative and constructive enterprise
  • case-studies of concrete practices of religious life, both in its organized forms as well as its everyday forms of ”lived religion”
  • new religious practices as a topic for theological research, and in practical theological research in particular
  • historical studies of religious practices
  • the relation between empirical and normative research in practical theology and other theological disciplines
  • implications for theological teaching and education

In addition, there will be an open channel for Ph.D. students to present their research in the area of practice and theology and/or within practical theology that might fall outside the scope of these topics.

Deadline for submission of paper abstracts: June 15th, 2018
To be sent to:
Format: max. 200 words
Those who submit their paper abstracts within the deadline will receive a response by June 30th.