International students at MF

Welcome as an international student!

MF offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes in theology, religion, and society. 

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society (established in 1908) is an accredited Specialized University focusing on theology, religion, and social studies. We offer education of high quality.

MF is located in Oslo, Norway. It is a priority to Norwegian authorities to maintain and develop an education system of high quality, which is open to all, regardless of the student’s social and economic background. Education in Norway is pratically free, but you will have to pay a small fee each semester. This also counts for international students. However, beware that Norway is a high cost country, and as an international student you must be able to cover your living costs in Norway during your studies. MF does not provide any scholarships or funding. 

MF has approximately 1300 students, including a large group of international students. 

The programmes listed below are taught in English.

Bachelor's Degrees

Theology, Religion and Society

Master's Degrees

History of Religions

Religion in Contemporary Society


You will find more information about admission here.