Testamentary Donation

Receiving donations that express a friend of MF's "last wishes" is always very special. Such gifts truly reveal to us people who believe in the work that MF performs. Testamentary donations fill us with gratitude and warm thoughts.  There are a few important formalities to follow to make sure that the last wishes of our friends can be honoured.

At MF we have been somewhat reluctant to inform about testamentary donations because we have been afraid that such information can be perceived as unwanted pressure. On the other hand, it is unpleasant when a donation is not given to the desired cause of the deceased due to the formal requirements of a formal will not having being followed.

The formalities that must be followed are not many; but those that exist are all the more important to abide by.

Important formalitites:

A valid Will:

  • Must always be dated
  • Must contain the correct name of the recipient: The Norwegian School of Theology (MF)
  • Must be signed by two witnesses approved by the author of the will
  • Both witnesses must be over 18 years of age and be physically present simultaneously
  • The witnesses cannot have any formal ties to MF
  • The author of the will must sign the will in the presence of both witnesses
  • Both witnesses must sign the will in the presence of the testator (the one creator of the will)

Testamentary Donation Limitations:

  • If the testator does not have children or heirs, the testator can freely choose how the assets shall be managed after his or her death through their will.
  • If the testator has heirs, he or she can decide over 1/3 of the assets that he or she leaves behind.