Practical Theology

Practical Theology

Master in Practical Theology offers ministers strengthened competency to carry out theology in practical settings.

Language of Instruction

The study programme consists of 90 ECTS. The programme is normally completed within 5-6 years, altering between full-time and part-time studies.

This master's programme enables the candidate to carry out individual academic work where the challenges of practical ministry are assessed by way of accepted methodologies.

The program is practically oriented
Based on the competency gained in the basic areas of study, in addition to the students' own vocational experiences, this study programme provides perspectives and competency to understand ministry in new ways. It also combines an overarching perspective on theology, in which all aspects of the minister's life may be subjected to new ideas and theological reflection.

This study programme is a cooperation between MF, the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo, and VID. The Norwegian Association of Clergy is a main partner that contributes with expertise and relevant practical experience concerning development and implementation of courses. 

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This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!