Non EU/EEA citizens

Students from outside the EU/ EEA must apply for a residence permit (and a visa if applicable) immediately after they have received their Admission letter from MF. 

Register an application

Register an application for a student residence permit on

Address in Norway: Use the address you have at SIO housing.

When asked to send the application to a reference, please choose NO, as this has no relevance to your application.

All students from outside the EU/EEA-area must apply for a study permit. Citizens under the Norwegian visa regulations are required to apply for a visa and residence permit before entering Norway. Please note that students who enter Norway without the necessary permit will not be allowed to remain in the country.

Students from visa waiving countries must apply for residence permit if they are staying in Norway for more than 3 months. 

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) differentiates between:

citizens of countries that are required to have a visa to enter Norway
citizens of countries that have a entry visa exemption agreement with Norway

Students who need to apply for visa or residence permit must submit the application as soon as possible after receiving the Letter of Admission from MF. 

If you do not need a entry visa:

You do not need to transfer money to a Norwegian bank account.
You might be asked to present other means of documentation

Documentation of financing

Students from outside the EU/ EEA/ Switzerland applying for a student residence permit to Norway, need to show documentation of financing in order to be granted the permit/visa. The amount required by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration corresponds to the amount of full support from the Norwegian State Education Loan Fund.

NOK 116 369 for one year
NOK 58 184 for one semester

Students need to present documentation of subsistence when applying for a student residence permit. Student loans, grants, own funds, or income from employment can be included.

How to apply

Please submit an online registration on the UDI application portal if you are applying through the Norwegian Embassy. 

How to register with the police

As a non-EU/EEA/Swiss student, you will have to make an appointment and register with the police within 7 days after your arrival in Norway. Please make an appointment with the Police on the UDI application portal. Choose Oslo Police District, Department of Immigration, when setting up the appointment. You might get a date that is after your 7 days, do not worry, as long as you booked a date you are ok. 

Please note that if you have applied for a residence permit from home through a non-Norwegian Embassy, you cannot book the appointment through the application portal. You still need an appointment, which you can get by calling +47 22 34 21 00, during their opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 - 13:00.

The address for the registration is Schweigaards gate 15b.

Please see the list of documents you must hand in (

Some of the required documents:

Admission letter from MF
Housing contract from SIO