Clinical Counselling (full-time and part-time)

Clinical Counselling

This study programme offers competency for vocations that demand formal counselling competency.

Language of Instruction

The study program consists of 120 ECTS. Normally, the program is completed within 5-6 years, altering between full-time and part-time studies.

This study programme balances clinical and theoretical training through guided internships, professional reflection, papers and elective in-depth study topics as key elements. This programme is particularly suitable for ministers and deacons but may also be relevant to other professions in Church and society. Clinical Pastoral Training (PKU) is a central part of the study program's three compulsory courses.

In the degree, experience-based and process-oriented learning is central. There are special entrance requirements to the programme, and personal motivation is also very important in this programme, both to work on your own learning needs and to explore your own counselling practise. We emphasise a learning environment that promotes academic and personal formation.


This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!