Christianity, Religion and Ethics

The one-year program in Christianity/KRLE offers a basic introduction to religion and worldviews, focusing mainly on Christianity.

Language of instruction


This programme provides broad general knowledge and is relevant for various vocations within church, education and society.
Questions raised are:

  • What is religion?
  • What is ethics?
  • Can faith be learned?
  • What kind of book is the Bible?
  • How has Christianity been understood and practised throughout history?
  • What does Christianity teach concerning God, the world and humankind?
  • What are the differences between various Church denominations?
  • What do Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews believe?
  • What are the most dominant non-religious worldviews in our society?

This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!