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Theology, Religion, and Society

MF offers a bachelor programme in Christian theology and the study of religion and society.

Language of instruction

3 years (180 ECTS)

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​Application deadline
Feb 1st. Online application opens Nov 1st


Programme structure for H-2016 and H-2017 students  


The Bachelor in Theology, Religion and Society (BTRS) programme equips students to understand, reflect on and engage with theological, religious and social issues in the contemporary world. Our aim is to give you a solid understanding of the Christian theological tradition and how it is used to make sense of the world today, to develop your knowledge of religious and social phenomena in the world, and to encourage the exploration of the relationship between theology, religion and society at the academic level.

BTRS is designed to give you a strong foundation of knowledge in Christian theology and tradition. Building upon this foundation, you will be offered courses in religious studies and the social sciences, designed to widen your understanding of the way academics work with topics related to religion. Upper-level courses combine different aspects of these three core disciplines and offer you a variety of  themes and perspectives on how religion and theology function in society. During the course of the programme you will be challenged to reflect on your own beliefs and convictions, assess and evaluate historical and contemporary issues, and develop your own opinions on a wide range of topics. 

More about the programme

Programme structure

Theology, Religion and Society

Biblical Exegesis
(10 stp)
Current issues in theology, religion, and society (10stp)
Genocide and Religion
(10 stp)
Constructive Theology (10stp)
Church in Society - for the transformation of the world
(10 stp)
Sociology of Religion
(10 stp)
Methods and Tools for Biblical Interpretation
(10 stp)
Church in the World: Denominations and Ecumenism
(10 stp)
Judaism and Islam
Christian Initiation: Faith, Baptism and The Holy Spirit
(10 stp)
Introduction to Contemporary Mission Studies
(10 stp)
Introduction to Religious Studies and Hinduism and Buddhism
(10 stp)
Introduction to the History of Christianity
(10 stp)
Introduction to the Social Sciences
(10 stp)
Examen philosophicum
(10 stp)
Introduction to the Bible
(10 stp)
Introduction to Systematic Theology
(10 stp)
Examen facultatum: Critical Thinking and Academic Writing
(10 stp)
Semester.10 ECTS10 ECTS10 ECTS

What will you learn?

The candidate:
- has good knowledge of central topics in the fields of theology, religion and society.
- has knowledge of Bible, Christian history and Christian traditions as they are expressed in different denominations.
- has good knowledge of how religious traditions interact with and take part in society.
- has knowledge of a wide range of theological topics and an understanding of different methods for developing and discussing theology.
- has knowledge of sociological theories and methods.
- has knowledge of a variety of religions and the study of religion as an academic discipline.

The candidate:
- can discuss and synthesize knowledge from the perspectives of theology, religious studies and the social sciences.
- can interpret and analyze historical and contemporary social and religious phenomena.
- can find and use relevant theories to interpret social and religious practices.
- can reflect on their own and others’ academic work.
- can interpret biblical texts from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
- can analyze and discuss theological issues from historical, biblical and contemporary perspectives.

General Competencies
The candidate:
- can reflect on and express their own perspectives and opinions on topics related to faith, religion and social issues.
- can work independently and form arguments based on the systematic analysis of material.
- can write academic essays using scholarly literature and can reference literature correctly.


Bachelor of Theology, Religion, and society

Foreign exchange

As a BTRS student, you are encouraged to explore the possibility of a semester abroad at one of our partner institutions. A semester abroad will give you the opportunity to engage in issues in a different context and will contribute to an even richer education. You can choose to study abroad during any semester of your second or third year. Contact the international office for details about partner institutions. Be sure to plan well in advance in order to secure a spot!

Further studies and career opportunities

Students who complete the Bachelor in Theology program will be qualified for further studies at the Masters level in theology and religion, including all English language Master's degrees at MF - Norwegian School of Theology.

Students will be equipped for service in a wide range of settings within church and society, in a variety of work or volunteer positions. Students are especially prepared to work in churches or organizations dealing with social issues around the globe.