Study permit and visa

Most international students who plan to stay in Norway for more than three months will need a student residence permit. We urge you to carefully read the regulations that applies to you in order to avoid problems and delays during the application process.

For students within the Nordic Countries

If you are Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish citizen, all you need to do to live in Norway is to report a move to the National Registry. 

For students within EU/EEA/Swiss

Students with EU/EEA citizenship need to register with the Oslo Police if staying for more than 3 months to get a registration certificate. We recommend that you register on the UDI portal after arrival in Oslo. 
In order to recieve a registration certificate you must: 

1. Register at the online UDI application portal 
Create a new user account. You will receive an email to activate your account.
Choose "Go to EU/EEA registration"
Select "Oslo police district, Service Center for foreign workers" when you are asked to choose a police station.
Book an appointment with the Police. 
Make a copy of:
Passport or both sides of your National ID-card
Both sides of the European Health Insurance Card or proof of other private health insurance coverage. Must be valid for the whole period you are staying in Norway.
Print-out of from UDI's self service page that proves that you have registered
Admission letter from MF
Fill out the form "Declaration of funds for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens". This is a written declaration that you have sufficient funds for your period of stay.

Non-EU/EEA citizens

Students from outside the EU/ EEA must apply for a student residence permit immediately after they have received their Admission letter from MF. Do not leave for Norway before the study permit has been granted. Be aware that an application for a study permit may take up to 5 months to process,

UDI is the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and will process your application.

Useful links:
UDI checklist
UDI who needs a visa
UDI’s application portal

How to apply for a study permit

1. Print UDI’s checklist and gather necessary documents
2. Create an account on UDI’s Application Portal and
- Submit your online application
- Pay the application fee (currently NOK 5300)
- Book an appointment to hand in your documents
3. Hand in the application and documents in person at the nearest embassy

Always check the updated application procedures for your country at the UDI’s website. 

Useful tips and info

  • MFs organizational number: 917 387 079

  • E-mail:

  • Address in Norway: P.O Box 5144 Majorstuen NO-0302 Oslo

  • Start early: Check application procedures for your country and plan ahead how you will get all the required documents and how you will hand in your application. Norway does not have consular services in every country.

  • Visa to enter Norway: You automatically receive an entry visa (if needed) when you are granted your study permit. You do not need to apply for a visa separately.

  • Part-time work permit: You automatically receive a part-time work permit along with your first-time study permit. This allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time between semesters.

  • Bringing family members: Contact UDI immediately to ensure that you and your family member/s meet the requirements to apply for a family immigration permit.

  • Upon arrival in Norway: When you arrive in Norway, you must report to the police within the first week. Please book an appointment using the UDI- online visa application form:
    In the online portal, choose Oslo Police District, Department of Immigration. Bring the following documents for your appointment:

    • Passport or national ID card

    • Address in Norway written on a piece of paper

    • Receipt from the MF Deposit Account

How do I document financing?

According to the UDI regulations, all non-EU/EEA students must submit documentation that they have enough money to cover living expenses while living in Norway. The amount is currently NOK 121 220 per year. We recommend that you transfer the required amount to the MF deposit account so MF can issue a confirmation of sufficient funds.  

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Transfer the amount to MF Norwegian School of Theology and notify the international office at with a copy to the department of economy at:
    Account number: 3000.18.99704
    Name of the bank: Sparebanken Sør
    Address: Postbox 200, 4662 Kristiansand, Norway
    IBAN nr: NO6130001899704
    BIC/SWIFT address: SPSONO22

  2. MF will send you a confirmation receipt by email as soon as possible after your transfer

  3. Submit the receipt with your application for a study permit

How to access your money

When you have a Norwegian bank account, MF can transfer the money directly to your account.You can also access your money by getting Cash Cards to cover daily expenses. The Cash Cards are issued by the Student Reception at MF (remember to bring a valid ID). If your student residency application is rejected, the amount can only be transferred back to the bank account it was originally transferred from.
For further questions about your visa application, please contact the International Relations Office at:

Study permits are given for one academic year at a time, and you must therefore apply for study permit each year. A renewed permit is given if the conditions for a residence permit still are fulfilled. Please make sure that your passport is valid until the end of your stay. In addition you must have sufficient progress in your studies. If you use more time than normal, it can be difficult to get a renewed permit. MF will provide you with a statement regarding this, using a specific UDI- form at the end of each academic year (May/June).

Semester fee
MF charges an administrative semester fee. You will receive this invoice on. Please note that this is NOT a tuition fee, but a semester fee to cover copies and administrative expenses. UDI does not require this fee to be paid in advance in order to get a study permit. More information about the semester fee.