Places to study abroad

MF wants to offer a variety of possibilities when it comes to international exchange programmes, because to experience a different academic environment can never be underestimated.

As an exchange student you can study at one of the MF's partner universities. Currently, MF has agreements through Erasmus cooperation, bilateral agreements, and the Nordplus-Network. For more information about the different places to study abroad and deadlines, internally and externally, follow the links below:


Agreement: Erasmus 
Deadline: Oct. 1st and Feb. 15th
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USA, Africa and Asia

Agreement: Bilateral 
Europe - deadline: Oct. 1st and Feb.15th
USA, Africa and Asia - deadline: Oct. 1st
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Agreement: Nordplus 
Deadline: Oct. 1st and Feb. 15th
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Other programmes

Agreement: Special agreement, Oxford 
Deadline: Feb. 15th
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