Study abroad

A semester abroad is an excellent opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in your field of study, a professional network, and increased cultural competence.

Application deadline

15. September for Spring semester
 15. February for Autumn semester

How to study abroad?

  1. Choose one of our international partners
  2. Apply for studying abroad
  3. Get academic approval from MF
  4. Apply with the chosen international partner
  5. Apply for a visa
  6. Raise for support

International Partners

As an exchange student you can study at one of MF's many international partners in Europe, Africa, America, or Asia.

Check out all of the international partners here.


The International office will help you find out which international exchange fits you best. Do you already have plans? Come to us and we can gladly help you with those as well.

Phone: 22 59 05 74 / 22 59 05 00 |  E-mail:

More about studying abroad

The idea behind offering these international study exchanges is clearly that you will be still an MF-student while acquiring formal qualifications at another international educational institution. Therefore, a semester abroad can count as if you were at MF.

In Europe the student exchange is set in the framework of the Erasmus program. MF has exchange agreements with universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and the Czech Republic. In Scandinavia, MF is part of the Nordplus program, where all the Nordic faculties work together. It is an objective for MF that students taking a multi-year program of study have the opportunity to study abroad.