RLE/Religion and Ethics (part-time)

Religion and Ethics

Master in Religion and Ethics is a part-time programme aimed at teachers.


Language of Instruction

3 years (90 ECTS)

This study programme provides insight into key areas within various disciplines and areas of research that are relevant to teaching religion and worldviews in primary and secondary schools.

  • Religious Studies
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • The Bible and Christian interpretation of life
  • The History of Christianity
  • Islam

The student works with educational and didactic challenges. The study programme  aims primarily at the KRLE subject in primary school and Religion and Ethics in secondary school, yet t is also relevant for didactic issues and challenges in other subjects in the school system - and work within the Church.

e-mail: school@mf.no

This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!