Secondary Education Teacher Programme

Programme of Education

The Programme of Education at MF has the emphasis on RLE / religion and ethics, and social sciences. A one-year postgraduate pedagogical education is an integral part of the course of study.


5 years

Language of instruction

Entry requirements
General admission. The student must have: a minimum of 35 points and School GPA 3.0 in Norwegian (avarage) and 3.0 in mathematics.

Police Certificate
Applicants must submit a police certificate in connection with an application, see Chapter 6 of the Regulations for admission to higher education.            

This is a five year programme providing teaching skills for primary school, as well as in lower and upper secondary school. The aim of the Secondary Education Teacher Programme is both to give the candidates professional expertise in teaching subjects as RLE / religion and ethics, and social sciences, as well as to equip the candidates with professional knowledge and teaching skills.

The  Education Programme provides basic and specialised expertise in the following subjects / topics:

  • RLE / religion and ethics, and social sciences
  • In depth knowledge on the relationship between religion, school and community
  • Skilful knowledge of the teaching profession
  • Educational Theory and Practice (PPU) with practice in schools in and around Oslo.

Course of Study
The two basic elements of the education are one-year programmes in Christianity / RLE and Social Studies, as well as Ex.phil. Taken together, these studies last four semesters. The one-year courses are complemented by two semesters of specialisation in RLE / religion and ethics. The seventh and eighth semester focus on the practical pedagogical training.

Secondary Education Teacher Competence
Candidates seeking Secondary Education teaching expertise can complement this programme with the master’s degree by adding two additional semesters (a total of ten semesters).

The master’s programme includes specialisation courses, methodology, and a written thesis.

Educational Theory and Practise
The Educational Theory and Practise programme is offered in collaboration with University College of Østfold, and instruction takes place at MF. Candidates admitted to the Secondary Education Teacher Programme at MF are guaranteed a spot in the Educational Theory and Practise programme.

It is possible to be included in the programme in both the third and fifth semester, if you have studied other relevant subjects than Religious Studies / RLE / Religion at MF or other universities and colleges. MF determines upon application which subjects can be approved.

Student Advisor
T: +4722590517