The General Assembly

Student Politics

As a student, you have the opportunity to influence decisions that affect your student life situation.

Responsible for student
politics 2021/2022 

Simon Omsland Zakariassen

What are Student Politics about?

As a student, you are in a very special situation in your life. You must go to lecture, read thousands of pages from the curriculum, maneuver through subject plans and timetables, and eventually take the exam. While all this takes place, you should also live, be social, attend leisure activities and maybe need healthcare. All this within completely unique economic conditions compared to other groups in society. How should your education be organized? What welfare programs should students have access to? These are two overall student policy issues that are important for students to a part of the decisions making.  

The Student Council works for the students' best interests in education quality, economics and welfare, learning environment, social measures and internationalization, across and through management at MF, The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO) and The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO).


External Organizations

The Student Council works with organizations outside MF, on the regional (Oslo and Akershus) as well as national level:

The National Union of Students in Norway (Norsk studentorganisasjon, or NSO in Norwegian)

The general assembly at MF, together with the student democracies from most schools, colleges, and universities in Norway, is a member of the National Union of Students (NSO). This is our common organization working politically on behalf of all member teams with politicians and interest groups, and also with support and development of student democracy locally. NSO consists of a number of positions, and as an MF student you can run for many of them in the yearly, including disciplinary committees and organizational committees. If you have any questions, please contact the NSO on or take a look at their website.

Financial support and the Student Association of Oslo and Akershus - SiO (regional)

All universities and colleges that receive public funding must be linked to a student union, which focuses on students' welfare needs on campus. MF is a member of the Student Association of Oslo and Akershus (SiO). Therefore, students at MF pay a small fee so that you can take advantage of the deals that SiO offers to their members. Those advantages include: student housing, health and counselling services, sports, the bookshop Akademika, student preschools, and cafeterias/cafes. Read more about SiO on website.

The Welfare Council (regional)

The Welfare Council (Velferdstinget, abbreviated VT) is a student council founded in 2004 which consists of student representatives from the different institutions of higher education that are members of  The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus​ (SiO). Our mandate is to communicate the students’ wishes and demands towards SiO and the services they supply. VT is also the electorate for students in the various boards of SiO. Read more about this council here.


Student Democracy at MF

All academic institutions have different ways of working with the student democracy. Here at MF, the General Assembly is the highest governing body for the student council, and that takes place once per semester. In this assembly, all students at MF may speak, give their opinion and proposals. The general assembly also deals with matters such as the budget, annual report, plan of the respective year, and accounting. In those meetings, the regulations may also be changed, representatives to student bodies are nominated, and other issues that concern students at MF are addressed.

The Student Council is the highest governing body for the daily needs of students. This council is chosen by and among of the students at MF. It is the link between administration, the students, and external student organizations. The Student Council holds frequent meetings throughout the semester.