DECEMBER 4-6, 2018:

International conference: Gateway to Heaven? The Jerusalem Code in Scandinavia, ca 1000-1948

Venue: MF Norwegian School of Theology / National Library, Oslo
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April 24-26, 2017:

International conference: Jerusalem in Medieval Scandinavia: Kings, Crusaders, and Monastic Orders.
Co-arranged with University College of Southeast Norway.
Venue: Tønsberg Conference program

The ruins of St Olav’s Church of the Premonstratensian monastery in Tønsberg, late 12th century

March 6-8, 2017:

The International Saladin Days 2017. This year the organizers of this annual event, hosted by Litteraturhuset in Oslo, have choosen Jerusalem as their theme, and invited Simon Sebag Montefiore as key note speaker. Our project Tracing the Jerusalem Code will be represented by Ragnhild J. Zorgati and Eivor Andersen Oftestad. 


Spring 2017: 

Current seminar


October 28 and November 1-4, 2016: 

Jerusalem: Travel, City, Self. Project workshop in Oslo and Jerusalem
Workshop participants at the Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem. From left to right: Anthony Bale, Line M. Bonde, Joar Haga, Eivor A. Oftestad, Anna Bohlin, Erling Sandmo, Kristin B. Aavitsland, Ragnhild J. Zorgati, Stefka Georgieva Eriksen.

Fall 2016: 

Current seminar 

April 27-29, 2016:

Strategies of Legitimation, Models of Authority: Jerusalem in Political Discourse 1100-1800. Project workshop in Rome

Workshop participants below the Arch of Titus at the Forum Romanum. From left to right: Therese Sjøvoll, Nils Ekdahl, Daniel Johanson, Lukas Raupp, Ragnhild J. Zorgati, Otfried Czaika, Line M. Bonde, Eivor A. Oftestad, Sivert Angel, Kristin B. Aavitsland, Bjørn Bandlien, Joar Haga. ​

April 2016:

Public lectures: Jerusalem in Norwegian Contemporary Literature

From the public event at Litteraturhuset, Oslo, April 1, 2016: Author Edvard Hoem and Senior Researcher Eivor A. Oftestad.

Spring 2016:

Current seminar

December 9-11, 2015

International conference: Tracing the Jerusalem Code: The Significance of Jerusalem in Western Christianity.
Venue: MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo

From the conference: Discussion after Prof. Erling Sandmo’s paper, chaired by Prof. Kristin B: Aavitsland

Fall 2015:

Current seminar 

Project launch September 11, 2015

at MF Oslo School of Theology,
1015 AM.