Will your church be involved?

We invite churches to a 3-year journey: Will your church be involved?

  • What does it mean to be a church?
  • What should a church do?
  • What are your dreams and thoughts about the church?
  • How do we see the overall picture when reforms happens and there are different plans for various parts of the church?

We invite churches to a collaboration focusing on these questions and challenges. Through this we pursue one of the visions of the Norwegian church: “Together we will ... drive church development characterized by renewed worship, religious education and diakonia”. (Vision document for the Norwegian church 2009-2014).

3-year Journey
Churches are invited to a 3-year journey in church development. Download information brochure for parish council.

Erling Birkedal is the project leader and has primary responsibilities for contact with churches that are in the project:

Erling Birkedal, Dr. Art. Associate