Church Development

Church Development in the folk church (MUV)

  • Churches are invited to be partners in a systematic development process. This is organized as a
    3-year journey.

  • The work builds on experiences from a pilot project that was carried out between 2008 and 2011.

  • MF will facilitate an academic network and discussions in the field of church development. There will be seminars and continuing education courses arranged.

  • We have contact with relevant experts in countries such as Denmark and Sweden that exchange experiences in corresponding work.  In addition we participate in a wider international network of church development.

​Books about church development

Sammen i forandring. Refleksjoner om menighetsutvikling i folkekirken provides insight and offers suggestions on how one can work with church development.

Menighetsutvikling i folkekirken. Erfaringer og muligheter presents experiences from research and development work and discusses various aspects of church development.

Contact us

Menighetsutvikling i folkekirken
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Direct telephone: 22 59 05 18 / 928 32 645 (Erling Birkedal)