Research ethics

Research projects and academic work at MF are to be in accordance with current legislation and recognized norms for research ethics.

Ethics in research and education

Research at MF is subject to The act concerning the organization of work on ethics and integrity in research (Research Ethics Act). According to the Research Ethics Act (§5) MF is required to ensure

                 a) the necessary training of students and faculty in recognized norms for research ethics
                 b) that everyone who carries out or participates in research is familiar with recognized norms for research ethics.

Adhering to rules and regulations is just one factor for good scientific practice. A high quality research community gives researchers opportunities to discuss practices and exchange knowledge concerning research ethics and research integrity. MF provides formal instruction in research ethics as well as informal arenas for socialisation into good research practices.

Research ethics in our study programmes
Students working on a bachelor's or master's degree at MF gain knowledge about research ethics and academic integrity, especially through mandatory classes in scientific method. Questions concerning research ethics become especially relevant while working on a bachelor's or master's thesis.

Through our PhD program, students become qualified to do research which conforms with sound scholarly methods and standards for research ethics.

Personal privacy and ethical guidelines
MF has a Data Protection Services in Research Agreement with the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD). MF participates in The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). Medical and health-related research is subject to The Health Research Act. Health-related research at MF is to follow recommendations and guidelines put forth by The National Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (NEM), and receive an ethical pre-approval from Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC) in addition to notification to NSD.

Procedures and guidelines

MF has guidelines for the management of personal data in research projects, and standard procedures for the storage of research data. If you are a student, please consult your supervisor in order to make sure that you adhere to the guidelines and procedures in your academic work.

Committee on research ethics and integrity

Breaches of research ethical norms can be regarded as misconduct (cf. Research Ethics Act §6). Questions concerning misconduct should initially be investigated by the institution where the researcher in question is employed. At MF such cases are handled by the Research Committee (Forskningsutvalget). MF takes part in a Committee on research ethics and integrity together with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) og The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH).