Fields of Research

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Biblical Studies and Classical Languages
Studying the Bible and other religious texts requires knowledge about the time period in which they were written, and of the societies and ideas that have left their mark on the texts themselves and their interpretation. The research field combines such disciplines as history, theology, textual interpretation (hermeneutics) and competency in the languages the texts were written in and, as time went by, were translated into. Relevant languages are, among others, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Latin. 

Related research groups: PERSIAS, SELF
Studies: Professional Degree in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, Master of History of religions, Philology.

History of Religion and Religious Studies
The study of religion in the past and present is usually comparative, and utilizes various interdisciplinary perspectives and methods. Research at MF includes, among others, the development of Christianity in late antiquity, studies of papyri and printed manuscripts, church architecture, political Buddhism and global expressions of anti-Islamism.
Several research projects in the history of religion and religious studies are a part of MF's Centre for the Advanced Study of Religion (MF CASR)

Related research groups and projects: PERSIAS, MOVE,  INTERSECT, MYTHOPOL, Books Known Only by Title, The Lying Pen of ScribesDEChriM and EthiCodex.
Studies: Bachelor of Religion and Society, Master of History of Religions, Master of Religion in Contemporary Society

Systematic Theology
Systematic theology is marked by discussions of the Church's faith and tradition. Theology is "the study of God" or the science of Christianity as well. Topics of research span various perspectives on Christian ritual, how the Bible has been interpreted in different societies and eras, questions about the role of humans within creation and how people and stories from the Bible are reflected in current pop culture.

Related research groups: Sacred Values, Gender and Religion
Studies: Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Youth Ministry, Master of Theology, Professional Degree in Theology

Practical Theology
Research on practical theology is based on the Christian practices and the life interpretations that characterize individuals, congregations and gatherings. At MF, we study, among other things, confirmation instruction, the way youth think about concepts like shame and sin, and how ministers preach salvation, or spirituality in connection with burial and death. Research is done in close contact with the everyday life and work of congregations and church employees and contributes readily to the continued development of corporate worship, preaching, Christian education and other church activities.

Related research groups: Barn, ungdom og religion (Children, Youth and Religion)
Studies: Bachelor of Youth Ministry, Professional Degree in Theology, Experience-based Master of Religious Education, Experience-based Master of Practical Theology

Ethics and Philosophy of Religion
What is a human being and what responsibility do humans have when it comes to artificial intelligence? What does it mean to know oneself? How tolerant are we in the face of other people's actions and understanding of reality? Research into questions of ethics discusses how people ought to act and how we can think about others' actions and their outcomes. At MF, we study, among other things, ethics and economics, ethics and migration and bioethical questions.

Related research groups: TechPhil, SELF, Utdanning og verdier (Education and Values)
Studies: The Big Questions, Ex.phil (Examen philosophicum)

Diaconal Ministry
Diaconal ministry is about putting Christian ethics into practice. Church denominations and other religious organizations have always made an effort for people in need. This includes both people in material need, those suffering from war and oppression and those who need support in their everyday life and during times of personal crisis. As a field of research, Diaconal Ministry includes topics like migration, discrimination, counselling and different forms of social work.

Related research groups: Migrasjon, minoriteter og marginalisering (Migration, Minorities and Marginalization), Gender and Religion
Studies: Bachelor of Youth Ministry, Master of Diaconal Ministry, Master of Clinical Counselling

Psychology of Religion
Through the aid of psychological approaches, psychology of religion explores faith, world views and existential topics, and their function for individuals and groups.

Related research groups: Barn, unge og religion (Children, Youth and Religion)
Studies: Psychology of Religion

Politics and Society
Research into religion and society spans questions about the influence of theology on political theory, gender perspectives on religion and religious practice, and the role of religion in sports. Researchers at MF also investigate societal conditions in different parts of the world, from Chinese environmental politics, to Muslim humanitarian organizations in Nigeria and nation-building in South Sudan.

Related research groups: Politisk teologi (Political Theology), Religion og idrett (Religion and Sports), Migrasjon, minoriteter og marginalisering (Migration, Minorities and Marginalization), Sacred Values, INTERSECT, (MYTHOPOL)
Studies: One-year programme in Social Sciences, Bachelor of Religion and Society, Master of Religion in Contemporary Society

Education and Pedagogy
The education degree given at MF specializes in religion and society. Here, research is done on professional ethics and values within day care, school and higher learning. Our researchers also have a special interest in education in a global perspective. Current research projects investigate, among other things, how environmental politics are communicated in Chinese classrooms, questions of gender and education in east Africa, and liberation education at the juncture between vulnerable EU citizens and NGOs. MF also possesses a separate professorship in social studies with an emphasis on hindering racism and antisemitism in school.

Related research groups: Utdanning og verdier (Education and Values)
Studies: One-year programme in Christianity / Religions, Beliefs and Ethics, Professional Degree in Education, Experience-based Master of Religious Education