Research at MF

Contacts for research at MF:

Pro-Rektor Kjetil Fretheim

PhD Coordinator 
Nils Aksel Røsæg

Senior advisor for research
Unn Målfrid H. Rolandsen

Telephone: 22 59 05 00

The research done at MF is diverse and covers areas such as theology and interdisciplinary studies of religion and society. Here you will find some examples of current research at MF.

Research at MF is organized into research groups.

MF has to research centres:
MF Centre for the Advanced Study of Religion, MF CASR, organizes research on religion at MF. The centre facilitates project cooperation between MF and other institutions. MF CASR encompasses research fields such as religious studies, history of religion, philosophy of religion, text and manuscript studies, cultural and art history, and sociology of religion.

MF KOM – Centre of competance for research on, development of and communication with church and congregation. The centre functions as a communication link between scholars at MF and church bodies and workers who wish to make use of MF's expertise in their own contexts.

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